[Comic] Тоглолтууд 2007 3р хэсэг

Сэтгэгдэл үлдээж байгаарай~

2007.10.13 UN Day Commemoration & Peace Concert

large_gallery_2143_147_9154 large_gallery_2143_147_27764 large_gallery_2143_147_40670 large_gallery_2143_147_55405 large_gallery_2143_147_62681 large_gallery_2143_147_131488


2007.10.15 MBC Ever1 Show

large_gallery_10_130_7800 large_gallery_10_130_30827 large_gallery_10_130_86627 large_gallery_10_130_90855 large_gallery_10_130_93914 large_gallery_10_130_104115 large_gallery_10_130_204593


2007.10.17 Movie Star Awards

large_gallery_2143_125_35467 large_gallery_2143_125_38788


2007.10.21 Hallyu Fashion Festival


2007.10.25 City Hall’s Blood Donation Event


2007.11.01 M! Countdown

2007.11.04 SBS Love Concert

2007.11.08 M! Countdown

2007.11.16 KBS Music Bank

2007.11.17 2007 MKMF

2007.11.20 Tennis Court Performance

2007.12.06 9th Korea-China Song Festival

2007.12.21 KBS Music Bank

2007.12.23 Lee Seung cheul’s concert

2007.12.30 KBS Festival 2007


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